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The Quebeley

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Jan. 8th, 2011 | 10:44 pm

From Shooting Annabel Lee

Madame Karn was so good to grant me a few minutes of her very valuable time. I got to know a side of Madame Karn that very few know. I am honored.

More can be seen here: http://shootingannabellee.blogspot.com/

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Comments {3}

Robby Belmondo

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from: konami
date: Jan. 9th, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)

Is that the Quebeley I gave to Harlock?

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from: katoki
date: Jan. 9th, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)

I guess so.

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from: rin_asano
date: Jan. 21st, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)

I really like the Quebeley pics

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